Arco Iris by Roy G. Biv

A heady dance.

Hearts combine in a twirling trance

Hot blood pounding coral cadance

Across my vivid rainbow.


The setting sun.

Burning opal as we run

into its holding, folding arms

safe within my secret rainbow.


Laugh with me.

Shimmering diamonds on a golden sea.

Our amber bodies, wild and free

waltz across my widening rainbow.


An emerald dream.

Blowing, flowing, growing green

Open pastures you’ve never seen

Sprout throughout my living rainbow.


Our minds are sinking.

Sapphire blue dreams drinking

From fountains of memory linking

Visions of my sunken rainbow


The blanket of night

Steals away the velvet light

Indigo stars burning bright

into my sleeping rainbow


A purple maze

Through swirling, wisp’ry violet haze

fairy’s fires of amethyst blaze

Signals of my fading rainbow


Alight with me.

Clouds of pearl beneath our feet

Our wishes they’ll be granted three

a golden end to my riddled rainbow.


The secrets all, they are mine

But how many treasures did you find?

Perhaps, you should read one more time

about my riddled rainbow.

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