FF – My First Published Poem

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I finally got a piece of poetry published!! It was actually a piece that I workshopped a bit on writingforums.org and then submitted so thank you for the community and the comments. The thing is, I didn’t get it published in the way that I thought I would. It was actually published through a city writing competition. Once a year my city has a writing competition for adults and children and I figured “what the heck! I’ll submit something I’ve been working on.” To my surprise I won 3rd place in poetry (short story didn’t even get an honorable mention but oh well). I got a whopping $10 in prize money (better than a stick in the eye 🙂 )and, more importantly, they are going to publish the winning selections in a collections book and stock it at the local library. How about that for an interesting bonus?! I know I know – small potatoes and all that but I think the local opportunities and other small online writing competitions may get overlooked for that very reason – we think they’re below our talent. But something when you’re sitting at nothing is still something, right? A good place to start and strengthen existing skills. Not a lot of prestige perhaps but I lived one of my goals of getting a poem published.

Originally posted on writingforums.org on Apr 8, 2008.

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