Increase your word count with audio recordings

Back in February of this year I had an event which totally rocked my (writing) world: I was offered a contract by Trifecta Books with a 10/1 deadline. As a previous self-publisher and self-promoter I was in the habit of writing at my own pace – suddenly, I had to write 80,000+ words in a Read more about Increase your word count with audio recordings[…]

FF – My First Published Poem

A different “Getting Published” option I finally got a piece of poetry published!! It was actually a piece that I workshopped a bit on and then submitted so thank you for the community and the comments. The thing is, I didn’t get it published in the way that I thought I would. It was Read more about FF – My First Published Poem[…]

Measuring Your Writing Success.

There is good and bad writing – but in writing, like all art, quality is really measured by the consumer…sort of. There are technical elements which make some writers “better” than others. For example, structure, grammar, literary device usage etc. These are things that people use to quantify writing. Like in any art form, writers Read more about Measuring Your Writing Success.[…]

The Illusion of the First Time

“The illusion of the first time” is a great acting phrase used by Stanislavsky. This short story has nothing to do with it. This short story did, however, take 2nd place in the Murray City writing competition as well as the people’s choice award over at I hope you enjoy it 🙂   The Read more about The Illusion of the First Time[…]

Further Up and Further In

A sudden shock. Darkness, bubbles. I am swimming but not moving, Floating on surface zero. There is light. Spinning rays Reaching for my limp life, Lifting past steel and stone. I can see! Celestial starscapes sail past my enhanced vision Or do I sail past them? There are others. Glowing forms joining me on my Read more about Further Up and Further In[…]